Afton Shows Brings You the Best Independent Artists

Afton Shows is the largest promoter and booking agent of independent rappers, bands, and musicians in the U.S. and Canada. Since 2004, our goal has been to empower emerging artists and help them launch their music career by providing gig opportunities, LiveStream performances, and help with promotion. Afton books and promotes the artists, but the Fans are the driving force behind each artist's success.

  • Jon DuPree

    Jon DuPree

    "Afton offers a great platform for music artist to get some exposure and experience on stage. I will continue to use Afton until I'm famous. lol. No cap. Look me up on ********* ******** ***** ****** ******** ****** ******, or ******* as *** ******.".

  • Re6


    "I completely love the service you all provide. And I look forward to more shows with you all. Ryan K**** is awesome.".

  • Bonez Wita Z

    Bonez Wita Z

    "Very good overall they are very professional organized and the venue was nice".

  • Foreign Behavior

    Foreign Behavior

    "Book a show at Afton and maximize your career . They help artist evolve!".

  • Maddog Mcgraw

    Maddog Mcgraw

    "They back up their words with action... very understanding and courteous".

  • MsLori Love

    MsLori Love

    "The booking agents and the Afton team are the best!".

  • King Shalam-Malam

    King Shalam-Malam

    "SHALAM RECORDS WELCOME TO THE WESTBANK (VOL. 3) feat. ATM Kiddo It was a very pleasurable event. After all the negative this I heard and read about Afton I'm here to tell you that it isn't true. I got paid for the hard work I put in and the exposure really help me to keep going on with my career. PEACE & BLESSINGS FROM THE KING".



    "Great experience .The show was lit and very professional . Definitely something you would want to be apart of.".

  • NakitaBlacc


    "Great opportunity for Artists New and Established. Great communication and professionalism. On time pay to artists. Great Venues.".

  • Chef Tokin

    Chef Tokin

    "This was my second show and everyone show so much love and support it was like working with family.".