Afton Shows Brings You the Best Independent Artists

Afton Shows is the largest promoter and booking agent of independent rappers, bands, and musicians in the U.S. and Canada. Since 2004, our goal has been to empower emerging artists and help them launch their music career by providing gig opportunities, LiveStream performances, and help with promotion. Afton books and promotes the artists, but the Fans are the driving force behind each artist's success.

  • OTAON Music Group

    OTAON Music Group

    "Great opportunity for emerging artists to perform and gain a following. ".

  • QBJR


    "Great Venue Friendly Staff all of the acts supported eachother im looking forward to working with you guys again in the near future jordan is a great host".



    "Dope company loved working with them will be working with them again ".

  • Jawn Santana

    Jawn Santana

    "Professional and straight forward really loved booking with them keep it up guys ".

  • Trevor Renteria

    Trevor Renteria

    "Working with Afton Shows has been nothing but smooth sailing and great. My booking rep, Ryan is in constant communication with me regarding any changes in my current bookings and with new gig opportunities. He shares useful tips and podcasts to use as tools to be successful selling tickets. ".

  • Yuri Galactik

    Yuri Galactik

    "I really enjoy working with actin. Look forward to more in the future. ".



    "My Afton is simply awesome working with an artist like myself. I love the fact that I can make my ticket sales accessible online and through thermal tickets. I love afton shows as an independent artist. I get to introduce myself to a different audience all across the United States. I've performed with aftonshows in DC, New York and Atlanta. Can't wait to get to Miami. -S.Chess".

  • Christian The Musician

    Christian The Musician

    "Afton shows was a great experience! I had so much fun performing! The venue was great and I can't wait to do it all over again! Definitely a legit business!".

  • Chaotic Vizualz

    Chaotic Vizualz

    "Great company needs more exposure I loved performing for them".

  • Official Lion of JudaH

    Official Lion of JudaH

    "Here is the honest truth, as that is all I am capable of providing. Afton provides booking agent services but they do not physically have staff members at their shows. They do not promote the show for you, so you cannot depend on them to do so. They use locals who are guided to play certain roles on the ground. The Orpheum, Tampa Bay is where we performed last night and it was a great show because we made it great. Organization must come from your end and do not depend much on anyone else for your stage show settings. Evan(Sound) and Dave(event manager) were extremely helpful. The virtual aspect of Afton is of great value for upcoming artists but if you are a seasoned vet, the system may not benefit you as much as working with your own team would. Be careful when the event is stated to be for all ages as some of the younger artists do not care about lyrical content and language, your little one's will be subject to language they may have never heard before and anger they have never seen. I did advise Afton to upgrade their vetting process of who they are booking and to be a bit more personal with their artists because respect of our innocent children should always be out above money. Somethings cannot be undone once they have been done, heard and seen. All in all, if you are an upcoming artist and you need to gain some experience, then Afton is great for you, if you are in the game for a longer time, pay attention to the details and make sure you hold a level of honor to your craft. The aim of the game is mastery of the art, not to make money. Money comes when you do what you love, it cannot be forced but the people but love it as well. I have 20+ years internationally in the music industry and these are my words of experience speaking. Afton is a good starting place for aspiring artists. Don't expect any money if you do not believe in yourself or your art, belief of self and confidence is key. Bless'ed love #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH".